Battutosso / Bone Pulse (And Other Nature Musics)


Ricerca Sonora proudly presents the new PHILIP CORNER album titled "Battutosso/Bone Pulse (and other Nature Musics)".
Philip Corner (b. 1933) studied composition with Henry Cowell and Otto Luening and musical analysis with Oliver Messiaen. During the 1960s and 70s he was an active member of Fluxus, a founder (along with James Tenney and Malcolm Goldstein) of the Tone Roads Chamber ensemble, the resident musician and composer for the Judson Dance Theatre, and co-founder of Gamelan Son Of Lion (with Barbara Benary and Daniel Goode).
"Battutosso" presents four previously unpublished compositions by Philip Corner, recorded in various locations. The first one is a very hypnotic and beating piece recorded in July, 1989: Philip Corner has used some bones to create his percussive and pulsating piece. The second track recorded with bells creates a "liquid" sound, recorded in Zouz (western Alps) in July 1992, with Kurt Hofer (the cowherd) and Laura Donnelly as dancer. The first track on Side B has a noisy background with a natural flute played by Kurt Hofer. The fourth and last track was a short piece recorded at Caterina Gualco's "Genova - Expo" (July, 1997) with Geoff Hendricks' xylophone sculpture.
Cover photos by Rosanna Chiessi
Mastered by Silvia Kastel
Layout: Ricerca Sonora
Producer: Pasquale Lomolino

Battutosso / Bone Pulse (And Other Nature Musics)
  • Catalog: RS5
  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Edition: FIRST EDITION (#300): Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl. Single cover.